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Property by region : Near the sea
Town/City/Village: Tsarevo
Property type : Apartment
Price: € 161 686
Square Meters: 102
Price per sq.m.: EUR 1900

Price List and Availabilities
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Full Description: “Palazzo Reale” is the most luxurious 5-star TOP VIP apart-hotel ever built in Bulgaria. “Palazzo Reale” is a real masterpiece in terms of architecture, finishing, location, and facilities on-site. It is the most glamorous, the most grandiose, the most splendid, and the most intriguing complex you have ever seen. Combining the best of all first-class hotels worldwide, it has harmonized its precious advantages with the uniqueness of a small country, as Bulgaria is. “Palazzo Reale” is a proof that absolute luxury can exist here and it exists for those people who can afford it – those of noble origins, world famous stars from the show business, former and present dictators and oligarchs, people of refined taste and excellent financial status. This is the newest symbol of extravagance, lavishness, an extraordinary combination of perfection and harmony, which will grab your attention, obsess your mind, and will make you fall in love for a lifetime. "Palazzo Reale" is a 5-star boutique apart-hotel, where each apartment is designed and furnished in its own, unique style which adds to its originality and makes it even more attractive for investors.

“Palazzo Reale” five-star BOUTIQUE apartment hotel

With undisguised pride we would like to present to you the precious pearl on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast: “Palazzo Reale”. This is the place where you will feel a Master of the earth and the sea. There is no other such miracle situated on the golden sandy coast and flooded with so much lustre and grace. With its golden sculptures, the beautiful arches and magnificent marble columns, this masterpiece will bring you into some other world where all your dreams will come true. Ultra modern and fabulously brilliant, this splendid complex is situated between two peninsulas, with its quiet bay and picturesque secluded beach, this “palace of dreams” stands directly on the sand and nothing can hide the marvelous view from his windows.


І – Basic construction details:

1. The construction of “Palazzo Reale” will commence in January, 2009.
2. Exterior:
- Exterior fa?ade walls – brick and thermo-insulation
- Fa?ade colour plaster, marble, granite, majestic statues, columns, arches, enormous domes, architectural and decorative elements.
3. Interior:
- Interior walls in Renaissance style - bricks, plaster, reinforced sound insulation.
- Interior colour plaster, marble, onyx, gold-plated statues, columns, gold-plated decorative elements, hand-drawn silk, wallpapers with gold fibres, drawn sacral scenes ornate with gold-plated classic sculptures and relieves.
4. Roof:
- Complete hydro- and thermo-insulation
- Interior floor, marble, statues, columns, domes, architectural and decorative elements.
5. Ceiling and dome:
- KNAUF plaster board
- Interior ceiling in a Renaissance royal style ornate with classic sculptures and relieves
- Interior dome drawn by master artists with murals and sacral scenes with gold-plated classic sculptures and relieves
6. Staircases and landings:
- Interior staircases and landings tiles with marble, granite and onyx
7. Railings:
- Decorative railings made of wrought iron and glass with gold-plated elements
8. Windows:
- Double glazed, German colour PVC joinery, thermo-insulation system
9. Lifts:
- Interior lifts in a Renaissance royal style
10. Deadline for construction works – July, 2011

ІІ – The complex offers the following facilities:

- Yacht port
- Outdoor swimming pools
- Children pool with water cascades
- Lobby
- Lobby bar
- Reception desk
- Boutique shop
- Almas Restaurant
- Michelin Restaurant
- Cleopatra VIP Hall
- Sharks aquarium
- Golden Winery
- Silver Winery
- Armageddon Piano Bar
- Open-air summer bar
- Coffee bar
- Royal Tea-Room
- Harem night club
- Cafes
- Conference centre
- Business centre
- Beauty parlour
- Medical centre
- Children playground
- Fitness centre
- SPA centre
- VIP SPA centre
- Roman baths
- Heated indoor swimming pool
- Ironing
- Laundry

Here in “Palazzo Reale” you will find no ordinary pleasures, but just on the contrary, you will find luxury only to be part of the lives of the greatest celebrities worldwide and offered in the best hotels on the planet. And here in “Palazzo Reale” – YOU are going to be the celebrity.
- All apartments are equipped with a central air conditioning system of the brand "Daikin" for heating and ventilation, with a separate regulator and counter in each apartment and all premises.
- All apartments are connected to the central electricity system of 220 V, with electrometer, safety fuses, plugs, keys, lights on balconies and in bathrooms, as well as a fire alarm and smoke alarm.

- Apartments are offered with full furniture included in the prices cited.

І – Unique designer projects:

1. Apartment furniture in “Palazzo Reale”, according to project, is to be executed by over 20 companies from Italy, Spain and several other furniture companies across the world famous for their quality and established brands.
2. The investors stake on their idea to offer boutique fully furnished apartments as each one will be different and unique in its interior design. What will be in common, however, is their infinite luxury and the fact that every apartment is going to be a piece of art in itself.
3. As regards the two VIP apartments in “Palazzo Reale” – no words can describe their extraordinary charm; they are beyond any comparison on a worldly level.
- The furniture in the two VIP apartments in “Palazzo Reale” shall be specially designed, hand-made and furnished in such a way that it is truly spectacular compared to all you have seen in your life so far, even if you are the most refined connoisseur in the branch. This furniture is going to be unique only to be found here and nowhere else. These apartment owners will be the only one owning such beauty and refinement.

ІІ - 48 furniture options

ІІІ – There is a possibility for all buyers to purchase boutique furniture at preferential prices that can be negotiated in no other place:

1. Full furniture for an apartment of this type and category is worth a lot more than buyers here are going to pay according to the price list we have negotiated for you. This is all because of the partnership and the good business relations the investors have established with furniture companies from abroad and producers of world famous brands who have designed all boutique furniture options especially for this complex. Buyers will have the opportunity to get furniture at the bottom prices – a lot lower than the market price. These are exclusive prices and this fact will surely contribute to the successful promotion, a symbol of luxury and wealth as this is what you are investing in.

ІV – Prices for interior design project for apartment owners who do not wish to sign a Rental management agreement but want to take advantage of our designer proposals.

1. The price of an interior design for one apartment will vary from 300 EUR up to 1 500 EUR per sq.m. without VAT depending on the designer option the client picks up.
2. For the amount paid for interior design and furnishing, the client receives the following:
- Drawing an individual interior design project upon request, complied with the apartment area and the preferred style by the apartment owner.
- Overall exclusive furnishing according to the buyer’s taste and in compliance with the apartment type and shape
- Specially designed designer project according to the buyer’s choice different from the furniture options already drawn up.
- Reproduction of real or imaginary settings according to the future owner’s wishes and harmonization with the apartment type and area.

V – Prices of furniture for apartments owners who have signed a Rental management agreement:

1. When signing a Rental management agreement, all buyers will have the possibility to get a discount in the form of Guaranteed Rental Income of 10% (of the property price) for the first year of renting. The income generated could well cover all furniture costs for turning the apartment into a renting condition and making it luxurious and splendid for its owner as well.

Additional discounts:
- 7.5% discount for purchase between 4 and 7 apartments
- 10% discount for purchase of apartments with total size over 1.000 sq.m.

Apartments from 53.77 sq.m. to 2213.69 sq.m. at prices from 1900 to 3500 EUR per sq.m.

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