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Property by region : In the mountain
Town/City/Village: Bansko
Property type : Hotel
Price: € 1 200 000

Full Description: The three-star hotel SALENA is situated near the central part of Bansko. The hotel is distinguished for its extraordinary exterior and interior design. It can provide accommodation for 50 persons (17 double rooms, 2 suites, 2 studios and 1 luxury suite); taking into account the option for using extra beds, the accommodation capacity is increased by 10 persons more. The rooms are equipped with mini-bar, TV set, bathroom and toilet; most of them have also air-conditioners and separate balconies.

The restaurant of the hotel is situated on the ground floor and is seated for 30. Just like the hotel, the restaurant is also distinguished for its unique design. The extra facilities offered by the hotel are a Jacuzzi made to order and a sauna situated on the ground floor of the hotel.

The town of Bansko is situated in the South-Western Bulgaria located in the most beautiful part of Pirin Mountain. The town has a significant nature potential for development of ecological and sustainable tourism. The specific combination of nature conditions and resources in the region is the prime cause for the differentiation of Bansko as the fourth ski-centre in Bulgaria. As one of the southernmost winter resorts in Europe, Bansko offers both a large number of sunny days during the cold half-year, the best snow record and the longest ski season- this is something that just few European ski resorts can boast of. The opportunity for skiing not only in the attractive months of December, January, February and March but also to the end of April-beginning of May, the peaks of Pirin permanently covered with snow –till late summer, the well-developed tourist infrastructure, high quality of service and facilities and competitive prices are prerequisites for the turning of Bansko into an attractive European ski-centre.


Rack Rate Prices

After a thorough survey of the local competitive market, the following Rack rate Prices have been set for 2006-2007 Winter-Season:

Accommodation Type / Low Season / Medium / High
Single room ? 72 ? 41 ? 34
Double room ? 90 ? 58 ? 42
Luxury double room ? 95 ? 63 ? 47
Studio ? 113 ? 93 ? 73
Luxury suite ? 133 ? 93 ? 73
Extra bed ? 22.50 ? 14.50 ? 10

The prices are in Euro and include bed, breakfast, tourist fee and medical insurance.

Price for breakfast per person BGN 2
Tourist fee per person (for Bulgarians) BGN 0.10
Tourist fee per person (for foreigners) BGN 0.20
Medical insurance per person BGN 0.51

Income from accommodation:
The gross income from accommodation per season of 100 calendar days with 80% occupancy of the hotel unit amounts to ? 105,513.
In case of concluding an agreement with a tour-operator for a winter season of 90 calendar days with a tour-operator’s commission at the rate of 15%-20% of the value of the Rack Rate Prices and 80% occupancy of the hotel, the gross income shall amount to ?77,249 (with tour-operator’s commission of 20%) and ?82,077 (with tour-operator’s commission of 15%) respectively.

Additional incomes:
Sauna and Jacuzzi:
The prices for extra services such as sauna and Jacuzzi announced at the Rack Rate Prices are, as follows:
Jacuzzi – BGN 10/ hour
Sauna – BGN 5/ hour
Sauna +Jacuzzi for a whole night (after 00:00 h): BGN 100

Restaurant and Lobby Bar:
The prices in the menu have an extra charge of 200% in comparison with the suppliers’ prices.

Mini Bars:
The prices in the mini-bar pricelist have an extra charge of 300% in comparison with the suppliers’ prices.

Expenditure of the hotel:
Personnel/ salaries:

Position/Number of persons/Monthly salary
Manager 1 BGN 550
Receptionist 2 BGN 350
Cook 1 BGN 750
Barman 1 BGN 400
Waiter 1 BGN 350
Chambermaid 2 BGN 400
Maintenance 1 BGN 300
Total 9 BGN 3 850

The hotel unit is heated by a water-heating boiler using liquid fuel. The monthly expenses of the heating fuel are BGN 3,000/ month- BGN 5,200.

Power-supply and water-supply:
Monthly expenses for water-supply – 350 m3/ month
Monthly expenses for power-supply – BGN 1200


The income earned by the above mentioned additional services such as restaurant, Jacuzzi, sauna and mini bars are enough to cover such expenses as salaries for the personnel, power-supply and water-supply costs.

Gross income per season of 100 calendar days with 80% occupancy of the hotel unit with included extraordinary expenses of ? 98,000 per season may also be reported as a profit. In case of concluding an agreement with a tour-operator the gross income will amount to ?75,000-65,000 according to the agreement concluded with the tour-operator with a season of 90 calendar days.

Although Bansko is well-known mainly as a winter resort, the town together with Dobrinishte and the respective part of Pirin offer perfect conditions for summer eco-tourism as well, and the number of tourists visiting the region during the warm half-year is increasing with every passing year. The opportunities for a variegated stay of the tourists are abundant- organizing of combined half-day and one-day walking routes to attractive nature landmarks, various recreational activities in forest environment and near lakes and rivers: hikes with folklore picnic, sports activities, picking of wild fruits and mushrooms (within the boundaries of Pirin National Park it is done under a special permit issued by the Administration of the Park), watching wild animals in their natural environment, sunbathing and bathing in the mineral ponds of Dobrinishte, amateur fishing in Mesta River, the dams and Pirin lakes /on weekends/. From this point of view, a plan may be made so that the hotel be opened not only seasonally but all the year round, the more so as the hotel is equipped for a year-round use: there are air-conditioners in the rooms and water is heated by an electrical water-heater. Therefore, the end profit of the hotel may be increased by another 50%.

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