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Property by region : Near the sea
Town/City/Village: Sunny Beach
Property type : Studio
Price: € 25 800
Square Meters: 35
Price per sq.m.: EUR 737

Full Description: The complex of holiday studios "ORANGE RESIDENCE" is located in the central part of the the western area of tourist complex “Sunny Beach”. The region is characterized by the following important features:
• The street is quiet and has no intensive traffic
• Elite view of region and buildings near by are extremely popular hotel complexes "BARCO DEL SOL", "SANDS", "SUN VILLAGE", "BRAVO 5", "IZOLA PARADISE"
• There's an easy access to the major roads:
o Nessebar - Sunny Beach
o Bourgas – Varna
• There's no extra charge for the admission of cars as in the eastern area

• In close proximity to the downtown part of the resort. "ORANGE RESIDENCE" is in fact situated in a walking distance from all sites popular among the visitors in the resort:

The complex of holiday studios "ORANGE RESIDENCE" is located in the western part of the resort “Sunny Beach”. It is situated over a regulated landed property I -189 in district 5801 from the building-regulation plan of the complex on a total area of 1 452 m2.

The apartment complex was projected as flats for seasonal use (all year round use is also possible) The residential area is compact designed in one room apartments - type“studie ?H›]И™HXЫЫ›ЫZXШ[]љ[™И[?Z[™Z?њЬЩN?H™ЩH]љ[™И›ЫЫHЪ]HЪ]Ъ[™]H[™HXЩH›Ь?[љ[™Л[ќ›ЫЫHЪ]HШ™›Ш™K?™HИ[?[™]љYX[?]›ЫЫHЪ]H?] ]X‹?]И™Z[™И[ќљЪ[Ы™YЫ?™XЩЬЪ]H]љ[™И›ЫЫHИ™Z[™ИYYИ^?HЬXЩHЭќИЫY[™ИЫ? Ъ[?ЪKL?
И ?њЫЫњЛЛ——•HќZ[[™ИИwithout a basement, and consist 6 floors , the last is in part level.
The studio will be accessible from a controlled entrance, staircase and elevator, located central in the territory of the building.
The construction is solid – armored concrete with a scaffolding beamless construction system
- Area of the building plot: 1 452 m2
- Built-up area: 435.30 m2
- Extended built-up area: 2 208.34 m2
- Number of Studio: 48
- Number of 1 bedroom app: 10
- Consistency of exploitation: 29.9 %
- Kbuld: 1.50

Price range:

Studio – from 25 800 Eurо to 35 600 Euro

Prices per sq. m. starting from 737 Euro.

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