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Property by region : Near the sea
Town/City/Village: Pomorie
Property type : Apartment
Price: € 58 456
Floors: 4
Square Meters: 73
Price per sq.m.: EUR 800

Full Description: Welcome to Anhialodreams –where dreams become reality!
In the newly built residential building for seasonal use, with caf?-bar and convenience stores, you will find the right place for a fascinating vacation or a profitable investment chance.

Massive residental building, consisting of ground floor, four floors with flats and terraces, that is going to be built on the plots УПИ № ХІІІ-1212 and УПИ Х-1212 in sq. 85 , of the Plan of Pomorie.

The apartments will be sold in the following stage of completeness of construction (up to key).

For the building:
- reinforced concrete construction;
- brick masonry with heat insulation on each external wall;
- external facade plaster – according the approved architectural design project
- staircases: floor finishing – granite-gress, metal parapettes,
- walls and ceilings painted with latex pains,
- installed ligtning fixtures and swithes;
- window joinery - PVC framed, with packed glass – ecological, not flammable, stopping the noise, heat insulating;
- entrance and bell - door – metal one, with electric losking system
- home-door bell communication and locking system
- installed excavator;
- connected to the main street pipelines water and sewerage installations in the building, with stop valve and water meter in front of the building
- connected to the power supply system electrical installation in the building;
- installed main switchboard with el.meters for each separated property in the building;
- lightning killing installation;
- the common parts are 100% completed according the approved architectural design project and details

For the apartments:
- ceilings – ground coat, white latex paint;
- walls- plastered with lime plaster and ground coated, latex paint, І-st grade quality according the BNS, in color, chosen by the owner from the samples of the supplyer for the building;
- floor – with floor putty, and laminated floor with middle class resistance to impact;
window joinery – PVC material, made by German materials, four
chambers profile, with packed glass, ecological, not flammable, stopping the noise, heat insulating;
- internal doors – type MDF.
- entrance door with MDF covering, or metal doors with PVC covering.
- water and sewerage installation, laid according the design project, of ecological PVC pipes with installed water meter for each apartment.
- internal electrical high and low voltage installations, laid according the design project, with installed switches, sockets and apartment el.distribution board
- toilets and baths – wholly finished, with installed fixtures – toilet boul and sink, floor covered by teracotta tiles, Bulgarian production, with quality according the BNS in colours, chosen by the buyer, from the set of samples of the supplyer, installed tap for the sink and a shower battery.
- installed air conditioners.

Prices from 800 EUR/m2

There are also shops and offices for sale available in complex at a price of 1100 EUR/m2

Completion date: End of 2009 for УПИ № ХІІІ-1212 and 2010 for УПИ Х-1212.

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