Residence Group Real Estate and Management company has opened a new office in Pomorie - 40 Prof. Stoyanov Str, next to Reiffeisen Bank
40 Prof. Stoyanov Str, Pomorie, Bulgaria
Tel/Fax: +359 596 2 30 13
Mob: +359 878 57 11 62
Mob: +359 878 57 11 63
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"Letting Package":

This service is especially designed for owners who has already organized the maintenance and cleaning of their property personally or with the help of some other providers.
Residence Group Ltd will act as your agent in finding the best renting rate for your investment. We will perform all marketing and advertising activities in order to gain the highest possible occupancy rate for you property.
Our team will be constantly in touch with the property owners, ready to present them the whole information regarding the current, past and future reservations, as well as income generated.


Charge: 20 % of the gross rental income.

Important: Please note that if you sign for this service, our company will be not responsible for the actual maintenance and upkeep of your property. All cleaning, maintenance repairs, bill payments, property licensing shall be provided by the property owner or his representative who shall also provide a 24 hour assistance regarding the accommodation of the guests, as well as helping them with everything needed.
Important requirements:
  1. A renting categorization license issued by the local Municipality – according to the Bulgarian legislation all the properties which are rented out to tourists should be categorized. As explained above we will organize this service at the price of EUR 50 covering the fee of the license.
  2. Insurance of the movable and unmovable parts of the property – this is very important requirement regarding the renting process because it will compensate any damages, loss and expenses as a result of: fire, explosion, hailstorm, flood, freezing, landslide, demolition, earthquake and actions of misuse by a third party. We will also organize this service except for the insurance fee.
  3. Your property should be completely furnished and in excellent order with no repairs needed, as well as all electrical appliances should be in good technical condition, working and safely for use by the time you subscribe for our “Full Management Package” and “Letting Package” as we make just minor repairs arising while your property is rented out.
  4. If you property is owned by a company registered in Bulgaria, there is an additional charge of EUR 300 for an accountant who will maintain your books and will issue invoices on your behalf.

Please click HERE to have a look at our "Letting Package" Contract

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