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Company Registration:
According to the Bulgarian Constitution, foreigners can buy buildings but not land. Therefore the most common method for them to buy property in Bulgaria, where they also wish to own the land is to set up a company which then owns the land and the building. The most popular companies registered by foreigners who acquire land in Bulgaria are Single Person Liability Company, (EOOD) and Private Limited Liability Company (OOD). The first one is owned by one natural or legal person while the second one – by two or more shareholders, whose liability is limited to the amount of capital subscribed. The minimum foundation capital is BGN 5000, 70 % which needs to be deposited into a bank. Money stays there until the registration is completed (usually 1-2 weeks), after that it can be withdrawn and used for any purpose.
Our task will be to help you with the documents required to establish your company and list it in the National Tax Register. The registration itself can be done by you personally or without your presence by signing a Power Of Attorney to our lawyer. He will prepare all the documents for the company, go to different services to register it and arrange all procedures and documents.


The price of this service is EUR 600, which includes the lower’s fee, as well as all government, bank and notary taxes. 

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